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Daham Sevane Singiththo National Childrens' Development Foundation

Daham Sevane Singiththo, the esteemed Childrens' Development Foundation, was established on the 20th of November 1994 at Bodirajaramaya within the esteemed Army headquarters of Panagoda, Sri Lanka. With great pride, we hold the distinction of being the premier and largest provider of early education and after-school services for children in both the city and country.

Each of the programs was broadcasted on Jathika Rupavahini, the national television channel in Sri Lanka. Our guidance comes from Ven. Dr.Suduhumpola Wimalasara Thero, the esteemed founder and President of the Children's Program "Daham Sevane Singiththo." At present, the program has expanded to an international level, drawing from past experiences.

Our Mission

our mission is centered around providing high-quality Early Childhood Education services to children. We’re committed to creating a safe, nurturing & caring environment that promotes the social-emotional, physical, and cognitive growth of each child through meaningful experiences. We also recognize & respect the cultural and linguistic heritage of every child, and we actively support families in maintaining their children’s physical & mental well-being.

Our Services

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About Us

The founder of Daham Sevana national Childrens’ Development Foundation
Dr. Suduhumpola Wimalasara Thero

Daham Sevana Temple - International Center
No. 23/C, Neralu Place, Kirigampamunuwa, Polgasowita, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Daham Sevana Temple - International Center
No,100, Nukuikawa-Machi -Japan

Our revered Thero completed his preliminary education at Colombo Maligakanda Vidyodaya Pirivena & pursued higher studies at renowned institutions, including Colombo Hunupitiya Gangaramaya, Dikwell wevurukannala Pirivene & Sampurananand Sanskrit Varanasi University of India. On November 20th, 1990, he founded Daham Sevene Singiththo, a Children's Development foundation based at Bodirajaramaya in Panagoda Army headquarters. It subsequently commenced regular broadcasts on Television & Radio in Sri Lanka.

THE CHAIRMAN of Daham Sevana national Childrens’ Development Foundation
Dr. Noriaki Suga

Dr. Noriaki Suga, a renowned Japanese scholar, has made significant contributions to various social work enterprises, demonstrating exemplary management leadership in the following programs:

International Relations Organization. - President
Daham Sevana Temple - President
SHIN Co., Ltd. - Chairman
Jastech Cooperation - Advisor
Koushin Stare Service Co., Ltd. - President
Nap Trading - Chairman
Yamasho Co., Ltd. - Director
Takumi Jigyou Organization - Executive Advisor
Fukushino Mura Koushikai Co., Ltd. - Advisor
Green Social Enterprise Development Ltd. - International Advisor
Yamato Mirai Co., Ltd. - Advisor
Seimon Plant Service - Director
Yuwano Sato Co., Ltd. - Director
NPO Japan Palau Association - Director
NPO Fukujusou - Advisor

Additional Services

Our Proud History

The first “Daham Sevane Singiththo” members at Bodhirajaramaya of army head quarters in Panagoda. (1990)

Sri Sunanda Daham Sevane Singiththo Children Society -Re.No 455-Pannala Road, Wattegama.

Yatirawana Somananda Daham Sevane Singiththo
Children Society – Re.No 452

Wattegama Sri Sumana Jothi Daham Sevane Singiththo Children Society
-Re.No 135

Sri BuddhapriyaDahamSevaneSingiththoChildren Society – Re.No048 – Wagolla, PuranaBomaluwaViharaya, Devid Road,Wtapuluwa.

Sri Maha Mahendra Daham Sevane Singiththo Children Society-Re.No435-VidyasagaraPirivena, Hirikaduwa, Manikhinna.

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    Japan-sri lanka Timeless Bond
    Empower Kids

    Daham Sevana Childrens’ Development Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of underprivileged children. Through our programs and initiatives, we provide essential support, education, and opportunities for their holistic development. Together, we strive to create a brighter future for these children, empowering them to reach their full potential.

    Japan-sri lanka Timeless Bond
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    No.23/C, Neralu Place, Kirigampamunuwa, Polgasowita

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